Discover Why Almost All Successful People Have This One Characteristic In Place

Discover Why Almost All Successful People Have This One Characteristic In Place

One of the most important characteristics that have to be in place for you to be successful as a person is integrity. If you don’t have that, you are absolutely screwed.

First of all, you’ll never be rich for long. If you get rich without being in integrity, you’re going to lose it. It’s as simple as that. Secondly, you won’t be able to live with yourself.

The definition of integrity if you look it up in a dictionary is basically whole and complete. The dictionary’s going to give you a couple of other ways that the word is used, including doing what you say you are going to do and finishing what you start.

If you do those two things, you will be rich, you’ll be successful, and you’ll be happy.

If you aren’t going to do what you say you’re going to do, don’t fricking say you’ll do it!

If you want to be successful, if you want to be rich, and if you want to have a good relationship with anybody, the absolute number one thing is trust.

It’s not okay that you’re late. It’s not okay that you don’t keep your commitment or your word. If you don’t keep your word, people are going to naturally think you’re unreliable, you’re rude and you cannot be trusted. They’re not going to want to do business with you. They might give you one more chance but you think they’re not going to remember that? Trust is lost in buckets and gained in drops.

When you don’t keep your word, in the same way that an outside, other person doesn’t trust you anymore and thinks you’re unreliable and untrustworthy, you think exactly the same thing about yourself now.

Your conditioned mind will say, “You’re untrustworthy. You’re unreliable. I can’t take what you say as gospel anymore. I don’t believe you anymore.”

If you don’t do what you say you’re going to do, you are essentially giving the message to the universe that what you say is garbage in the universe. If you want to have the life you want, your word needs to become law. What you say needs to actually happen in the universe.

It’s so simple, because all you have to do is do what you say. By doing this you are practicing the process of manifestation. Here’s how; the universe will start to get the message that what you say comes true. This is showing the universe that you are trustworthy and in return the universe will start to make what you say happen. Consequently, the opposite is true as well.

You’ve got to be a good partner for the universe!

So where do you start?

You’ve got to start with mini steps; mini commitments, a mini word and keep it. In other words, make it easy to keep your word. Don’t make it hard because if you make it hard, and you happen to slip yet again, you’re just going to go teach yourself and the universe that your word is worth shit, whether it’s true or not. How we feel is often our reality.

What do you start with? You start with the simplest things; the first action of something so that you can win, so you can keep your word to the universe and gain some momentum.

Some people say, “I want to be a multi-millionaire,” but today they’re broke and last year they earned $10,000. There’s a big leap of faith in the universe and in yourself, there. I’m not saying don’t go for it, but I would say slow down a bit there!

A more reasonable goal, to stay on this track, is to maybe say, “Today I’m going to start managing my money properly.” Now you’re budgeting, saving, and then maybe think about investments. See how that goes before you start promising yourself and others millions.

Start on the small things and build integrity. Make them easy to attain, no matter what area of life we’re talking about, so you get some momentum, progress and reliability on your side.

Tell us what you think. What are your experiences with integrity in important situations, either as a lapsed integrity on your side or when someone else didn’t hold up their end?

Share your stories, we want to hear from you!

Have you been watching the Olympics at all?

a couple of years ago
 If so, I’m sure you have been inspired, as I have, by some of the incredible performances and stories. Can you imagine training 20 or 30 hours a week for so many years just to have a chance to compete for your country? And 90% of the athletes who compete don’t even have a realistic chance of earning a medal! What keeps them going and motivated to do those thousands of hours of training?
There are many answers to that but the one I want to highlight here is that every one of them has a clear, simple and single-minded goal. They have a picture of exactly what they want burned indelibly into their minds and they know what they need to do today, this week and this year in order to achieve their goal. 
What about you? How clear is your goal or vision? If it is missing or fuzzy your chances of achieving it are significantly diminished. What pulls those athletes forward every day is the tension that comes from having a clear, compelling vision and a burning desire to achieve it.
Have a fantastic week!
Your Coach,
Andrew and the ProCoach Team
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Without training wheels! – by Seth Godin

a couple of years ago

If you’d like to teach a kid to ride a bike, training wheels are a bad idea. You’re much better off with a small bike with no pedals.

All training wheels do is confuse, distract or stall.

The same thing is true for marketing. You don’t need to go to school for four years. You need to do marketing. Find a worthy charity and do a promotional event to raise money for them (you don’t even need to ask first). Start a micro business. Sell things on eBay.

And the same thing is true for leadership. Find something worth doing, find others to join in.

Merely begin.

What is your definition of Digital Marketing?

a couple of years ago

In this week’s Quick Video Tip, you will find out what mine is.

For the next six weeks, I will guide you through a Q&A on Digital Marketing. All six of these questions were asked during an event called #StartupChats on Twitter. I was one of the experts who gave answers to all six questions.

For an hour, each of the experts, including myself responded to a series of questions. It was madness, yet so much fun to be a part of this particular #StartupChats theme – Digital Marketing 101.

Find Out the Answer to Question #1

Each week, I will unveil a question and answer to this theme. Stay tuned to find out more about digital marketing and how it may be used effectively in your business.

If you are already actively using digital media, be sure to add your two cents to the comment section of each weeksblog post.

Your input is important.

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Tip Of The Week

a couple of years ago
Here is a tip for this week:
One of the many benefits of taking a vacation is that it provides perspective. As I return to ProCoach after two weeks of family, fun and relaxation I notice that things look different; what seemed urgent before seems less important. 
This reminds me of a powerful success principle: “What you DON’T do is often more important that what you DO do!” 
Put this into action by taking a look at the things you were planning to do today or this week and deciding what it would serve you to NOT do. What ‘should’ or ‘nice to do’ non-essential items are sitting on your to-do list sucking your time and energy? 
Don’t put them off till later – cross them off your list completely! Feel the surge of energy and power that comes as you free yourself from these unnecessary self-created ‘obligations’.
Make a decision that from now on you will focus your efforts on activities that will move you decisively towards what you want. This is a decision will change your life!
Have a great week!
Your Coach,
Andrew and the ProCoach Team
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Networking Ooh La La!

a couple of years ago


A very large part of small business success corresponds directly to the amount of networking the owner participates in. The art of connecting and networking in-person remains the ultimate way to receive help and support in growing your business and also to help other people grow theirs.
Of course, social networking is not a fad that’s going away and services like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook should be incorporated as part of your business networking strategy. But in-person business networking, like that accomplished with business association meetings and tradeshows, and networking groups like Business Network International (BNI) still needs to be the foundation in a businesses’ networking strategy.
In my experience the most successful small businesses are the ones that are the most open and honest, the most exposed about the situation they are in. They receive support because of that openness and then take actions necessary for success with renewed confidence. That kind of exposure is difficult through social networking avenues where the announcement is easy but receiving the help and support you need may not be. The flip side holds true as well. Business people unwilling to open up or expose more about their situation tend not to receive as much help from others and Lyon maintains that is where a lot of failures originate from. They tend to build an imaginary fence as if safe inside their self-imposed enclosure which, many times, becomes a self-destructive enclosure as they go it alone. Hiding behind the fence and not being fully exposed is easier to do with social networking.